Syrup of Marshmallow

Syrup of Marshmallow, based on the eponymous plants, beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, mucous membranes lining the forms a protective film that reduces irritation, dry cough alleviating inflammation. Protective effect resulting from mucus marshmallow and add thyme and propolis, which increase the permeability of the airways with antiseptic effect. Beneficial effect on the decomposition of the secretions and facilitate expectoration of bronchial secretion. Enriched with Vitamin C stimulates the immune function and strengthen the defense capability of the organism.

Ingredients: Marshmallow, Vitamin C, Thyme, Propolis, Menthol

Packing:: 125ml/150gr

Dosage children: up to 12 years - 3 x 1 teaspoon of 2.5 ml of the day
Dosage Adults: 3 x 1 teaspoon 5ml of the day