Welcome to TG-Farm Medico

TG-Farm Medico is a private factory which was founded 21.11.1997. year. We work at fields of development, manufacture, sales and distribution: medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Since its establishment, the factory grThe beginnings of production were marked by the cosmetic collections GoTi and very well known collection for sun SUN Milk. PProduction program over the years have changed and expanded, and production capacity increased and improved, so that today TG-Farm Medico has a license for the production of drugs, dietary supplements and cosmetics, according to the highest standards of health and safety. Thanks to the existing conditions and the expertise of employees, there is developed a wide range of products based on the highest quality herbal extracts and the line of cosmetics. Production facility, as well as main office in Loznica accommodated in the industrial zone at the Ring road at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. With its representative office in Belgrade and qualified staff in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Loznica, Kragujevac and Nis, TG-Farm Medico has created wide sales - distribution network and established cooperation with wholesalers and wholesales organic food in the whole territory of Serbia. In the previous period we managed to sell our products in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Russia and Ukraine.

Our mission is to preserve and in the service of health, and we constantly works on it so that from nature closer to you be a treasure and power medicinal plants. So with the 'right to say: "Natural way to the health" and "ALWAYS BE HEALTHY!"