TG-Farm Medico have have ability to produce drugs, with all the necessary permits and registrations. Drugs for the which a registration are:
1. PROFENAN (150 mg)
2. PROFENAN (300 mg)
3. DILTIAZEM (90 mg)
In the past, TG-Farm Medico have justified the responsibility and expectations of the Military Medical Academy (VMA), and for their need produced medicines:
4. PIRACETAM (800 mg)
5. CAPTOPRIL (50 mg)
TG-Farm Medico is now turning to the production of products based on herbs and natural composition of the product, with the aim of preventing and improving the overall health of the body. In addition, our company offers the possibility of service to production and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements or nutritional supplements are products that can help, heighten or enhance natural function organism. These are products that are intended for the supplementation of food consumed and containing one or more specific components: vitamins, minerals, herbal compounds, amino acids, dietary substances have beneficial effects on food intake. They fall into the category of food, for them can not be stated that a dietary supplement is used for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, prevention of any disease or condition. Supplements come in different forms in the form of capsules, tablets, syrups or drops.


Our offer includes cosmetic preparations from collection GoTi and very well-known collection for sun SUN Milk. In collection Goti we can offer you universal creme for active care of skin and protection against aging, with naturale oil and vitamin E, which is intended for mixed skin type, gel for hair for men and women, stick for men and women, milk for body (Bodymilk Classic and Bodymilk Sensitve). Cream of calendula has beneficial effects intended for dry and cracked skin, with a pleasant smell, easy to apply and well absorbed.

Safety of the products

Surely you've heard a lot about a healthy lifestyle, but what does that really mean? Generally, a healthy person does not smoke, is a normal body weight, eating a healthy and physically active. Sounds simple, does not it? he magic of healthy living means to make only small changes ... do a few more steps, add fruit to the flakes, take one glass of water more than usual... it's just a few examples of how you can start to live healthy without drastic changes.

Many diseases of today's society can be prevented by proper and balanced diet. The basic rule of a healthy diet is variety. Different foods contain many nutrients, which are important for the proper functioning of our metabolism. The lack of nutrients in the body - whether it derived from the malnutrition or improper choice of foods - leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body and the long term leads to various diseases.

No matter how hard it is for you, or even impossible, the organism best resting in the period before midnight to six in the morning. So, whenever possible, try to lie in bed and fall asleep before midnight. Sleep is then the most beneficial for you and you will take the best rest.

Out of yours head, but also from your sight remove data, which just accumulates in your head and creates negative energy. Focus on the good things, positive people and situations, and without any doubt, you will improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.