Ivy Sept

IVY SEPT is a dietary supplement that effectively relieves symptoms caused by bronchitis and bogies on the lining of the upper parts of the respiratory organs. The protective effect resulting from mucus ivy, which forms a protective film in the oral cavity and ždrelu, as well as essential oils of anise and eucalyptus. Vitamin C acts by stimulating the immune function of the body. This product relieves attacks of dry cough and soothe him to a standstill. Icy freshness of mint effectively reduces irritation in the mouth, throat and ždrelu easier breathing. Purifies the airways and enhances sputum bronchial secretions.

Ingredients: Ivy, Vitamin C, anise essential oil, essential oil of eucalyptus

Packing: 10 oribleta

Dosage children: up to 12 years - 3 lozenges a day
Dosage adults: 3 to 5 lozenges daily